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It should be noted that all strenuous routes will require a good pace to be maintained of around 4km/h.

The distances and difficulty are for guidance only, if you have any queries about the walks or indeed any other matter please contact the organisers.  We have tried to grade the walks to give you a good guide to the conditions and hence level of effort required for each walk.  They have been based on Naismith's rule.  We have also varied the programme so that you can have interesting walks of varied levels of difficulty on successive days.


In all descriptions the ascent figure listed shows the amount of going up across the whole route which is not the same as the height above sea level that we might reach.


In order to reflect standard mapping, distances are measured in km and ascents in metres.  Please remember that 1km is approx 0.6 of a mile, so 8km is 5 miles, 16km is 10 miles and so on.  Similarly 400 metres is over 1,300 feet, and 900 metres is nearly 3000 feet!


Easy indicates a short distance and little ascending/descending on good ground for up to 2 or 3 hours,  or distances up to 10km/6 miles on relatively level ground.

Moderate indicates distances up to 13km/8miles ascending a total of approx 400m or 1300ft across good ground or tracks, with a duration of between 2 to 5 hours.

Strenuous indicates distances up to 16km/10miles, ascending approx 400m/1300ft across varied ground, with a duration of approx 5 to 6 hours.

Very Strenuous indicates distances over 16km/10miles ascending to 900m above sea level and higher across rough ground, with a duration of 8 to 10 hours.

Extremely Strenuous indicates distances over 20km/12miles ascending in excess of 1000m across rough ground, with a duration of over 8 hours, and will expect a pace of at least 4 km/h to be maintained for a long duration by the group and ascending at around 45 secs for every 10m.

Varied ground may include some heather, peat hags, bogs, boulder fields, scree and/or river crossing (though not necessarily all).  Rough ground will include significant distances in these conditions.


Level Ground Equivalence


The Naismith rule of 1 minute per 10 metres ascent is readily achieved, though does slow down with long climbs.  If the effort involved in making each step is added to the horizontal distance (as measured on a map) then a good assessment of how demanding the walk is can be made.  Walking at 4km/h means that 70 metres is covered in 1 minute approximately the same time as taken to climb 10m.  Therefore a rule of thumb would be that multiplying the overall ascent by 7 and adding that to the horizontal distance gives a truer indication of the work and effort involved on any particular walk.  For example Jock's Road, is measured horizontally as 21km, with 780 metres of ascent.  Walking 21km on good level ground is easier than doing that with the climb involved.  So to give a guide to the effort involved multiply the climb (in this case 780m) by 7 giving an added distance of 5,460m or 5.5 km.  Therefore walking this route can involve similar effort to walking nearly 27km on the flat.  As a further example  an easy walk of around 10km can become Strenuous if there is any significant ascent involved.  This means that when deciding on your ability to undertake a walk the additional effort of a climb has to be counted.  In many instances we see clients stating they have walked a certain distance but fail to consider the additional burden of the climb and rough walking that is involved.  While as guides we are able to help almost everybody undertake a particular route this will be at the expense of the time it is originally planned to take and when part of a larger group it can create significant problems, particularly if we have to accompany someone off the hill to a road accessible location and then having to arrange transportation.  If there is any doubt as to your level of fitness then please contact us to discuss what may or may not be suitable.


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